A modern and timeless country house that will change your opinion about country houses

The architect Marketa Bromová designed a house near the mountains in wood and concrete connected to nature where a functional aesthetic is not incompatible with a look at the past.

In this house near the mountains of Jizera, in the Czech Republic, the architect Marketa Bromova managed to unite two apparently opposite design concepts that are complementary. On the one hand, he devised a house with a lasting vocation designed for a large family and, on the other, he was inspired by typical country houses, their distribution and furnishings. The result is a modern looking apartment where the past is important.

As explained by the Markéta Bromová architekti studio, the apartment is located on the ground floor of a new building in the Jizera mountains, so «it is directly physically and visually connected to the surrounding landscape.» It is accessed from the second floor through a small corridor, which connects to a double staircase, which works «as a kind of filter» that separates the private areas from the more social areas. Thus, on one side there is access to the bathrooms, the toilet, the sauna and the kitchen and, on the other, to the bedroom and living room areas.

In the interior design In order to make it a durable and functional space, it has opted for materials such as concrete, «a necessity given the large family and the traffic under consideration», which is found on the floors of the entire apartment.

In addition, it has opted for «the historical character of the interiors of country houses» with materials such as wood, present in the ceilings of the main space, the kitchen, the built-in wardrobes and the fireplace. «They refer to the traditional solution but maintain modern demands for aesthetics or maintenance,» they point out.

Without a doubt, the star space of the house is the living room, connected to the kitchen, where everything is concentrated around the fireplace. As for the furniture, the comfortable u shaped sofa made of masonry that is inserted between the fireplace and the walls and the dining table with bench, directly reminiscent of the «country house» style, which are an aesthetic continuation of the kitchen itself.

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Access to the house, located on the ground floor of a building.


custom kitchen with wooden furniture.

marketa-bromova-weekend-apartment-jizera-08.  a country house

In the kitchen, cement countertop.


A U-shaped built-in sofa has been installed in the living room.


The ceiling of the social areas has been completely covered with wood.


In the living room, the fireplace has been covered with tiles in green tones.


Bathroom of the house, with wooden furniture.


Children’s bedroom with custom furniture.


Main bedroom of the house.


In the bedroom, Zara Home rug.